Services offered

  • Conducting the Official Production Control, of the work of assessing the body type for the animals belonging to the genofond engaged in the training and improvement of the Baltata Romaneasca breed;
  • Providing breeding services by artificial sowing and embryo transfer to associated members, as well as importing the necessary materials for this purpose;
  • Database administration for the organization and management of the Genealogical Registry' of the breed;
  • Supply and / or production of cryogenic agent for the preservation of semen in cryobiological containers, diffusion for keeping breeding material from cryobiological containers to technical parameters;
  • Procurement from the country' and abroad and distribution to the members of the association of: breeding material (semen, embryos), consumables, machinery, equipment, accessories and spare parts, breed animals, fodders, seeds, fertilizers, phytopharmaceuticals;
  • Performing services for the identification and registration of animals in the population's genetic pool as a basis for certifying the origin and productive performances of the breed animals;
  • Representing the members of the association to the authorities of the State or other non-governmental organizations in order to achieve the proposed goals;
  • Medical services, Consultancy in the field of veterinary' medicine
  • Nutrition consultancy