Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the association is to develop the general interest of local people in raising bulls for dairy and meat production, to carry out activities in the general interest of farmers, especially cows and dairy farmers, in the non-patrimonial interests of its members.

The association has the following objectives and activities:

  • Reproductive isolation training of a performance cow genofond, specialized in the production of milk- meat, constituted as a population under the name of "Baltata Romaneasca'' (BR);
  • Formation of the gene pool formed by the opening and the management of the Genealogical Register of the breed of the population with the name of Baltata Romaneasca to achieve the standards and performance levels of the identified animals fromBaltata Rasa from other countries where the improvement has a more advanced development;
  • The national and international homologation of the Romanian Baltata Race by the law organizations;
  • To this end, make use of the accessible results of previous imports of Simmental bulls from other countries in view of the accumulation of genetic values of this breed which can be obtained by artificial sowing;
  • Conducting the Official Production Control, of the work of assessing the body type for the animals belonging to the genofond engaged in the training and improvement of the Baltata Romaneasca breed;
  • Database administration for the organization and management of the Genealogical Registry of the breed;
  • Provision of breeding services by artificial sowing and embryo transfer to associated members, as well as import of materials
    necessary for this purpose;
  • Supply and / or production of cryogenic agent for the preservation of semen in cryobiological containers, diffusion for keeping breeding material from cryobiological containers to technical parameters:
    Procurement from the country and abroad and distribution to the members of the association of: breeding material (semen, embryos), consumables, machinery', equipment, accessories and spare parts, breed animals, fodders, seeds, fertilizers, phytopharmaceuticals;
  • Performing services for the identification and registration of animals in the population's genetic pool as a basis for certifying the origin and productive performances of the breed animals;
  • Representing the members of the association to the authorities of the State or other non-governmental organizations in order to achieve the proposed goals;
  • Coordination of actions for the genetic improvement of cows' flocks, the acquisition and exploitation of genetically engineered breeders for the acquisition of new generations of animals, and for participation in breeding and trade programs;
  • Establishment of veterinary advice, nutrition, general management and farm management practices;
  • Establishment of a milk analysis laboratory', quality control of raw lamellar obtained in farms that is destined for processing, analysis of feed used in animal nutrition and diagnosis of problems in farms;
  • Develop and promote programs on:
    • specialization and improvement of the members in the areas of interest of the association;
    • supporting the participation of members, as well as other people working in their areas of interest association at scientific events (congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, colloquia, fairs, exhibitions or other meetings) in the country and abroad;
    • facilitating access to information for members of the association and interested persons about studies, research, scholarships, jobs, training courses or current information in areas of interest;
    • initiating and / or participating in the organization of fairs and exhibitions;
    • solving some social problems of the members of the association, as well as of other persons working in the areas of interest of the Association;
    • Participation of members at international fairs and exhibitions organized abroad;
    • participation of members in fairs and exhibitions organized in the country;
    • production and production of printed materials promoting members, written in international languages;
    • the creation of an Internet site for the presentation of the activity of the members, of the products or services promoted;
  • editing, supporting and promoting works and publications, including publications edited under the aegis of the association;
  • setting up a club for meetings of members of the association, as well as for their guests;
  • carrying out training courses in areas of interest of the association and promoting apprenticeship in these fields;
  • promoting co-operation with similar structures in the country- and other countries, maintaining direct relations with them and with international organizations in the areas of interest of the association;